Life moves by so quickly. The sights around us can be an inspiration. But we have to look. We have to notice. I have always felt drawn to photography and I had to be taking pictures of what I saw here in the wide open spaces of North Dakota. I needed to capture those special moments whenever they came along in my day. Perhaps these images can inspire others to realize how important it is to slow down and enjoy the journey rather than just rushing down the path.
If you think about it, photography is all about how the camera captures light. The light continually changes as the sun moves across the sky each day and that creates the never-ending possibilities of the beauty our eyes can see. All we really have to do, is to notice it. I see the glorious light in the rising and setting of the sun and the power of the oncoming storm followed by the calm in the rainbow. I am drawn to the wildflowers blooming in the prairie sod and I find majesty in the abandoned barn or windmill still standing where nothing else remains on the old homestead. I watch for that certain golden color the wheat turns only at harvest time and I marvel at the way a blanket of sparkling snow can change the ordinary object into a work of art. I once photographed the hands of my mom and dad because in those wrinkled and weathered hands I saw love and sacrifice. At the time it was simply taking some photographs, but those moments frozen in time by my camera are a treasure because my parents are now in heaven. Not only does a photograph capture beauty but precious memories are stored along with the images and that is truly a magical thing.
Life goes on and I am still drawn to grab my camera and click away, trying to catch the light and the love along the way. I have been blessed. Slow down with me and take a few moments in your busy day to enjoy my view...

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